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What is a jet boat?

Jet Boat

You may have seen them going down the highway. Those powerful jet boats with the name of a sponsor etched along side their sleek sides. You may have heard them as they raced across the top of the water, looking as if they could take off and fly at any moment. A jet boat is an amazing piece of machinery to watch. What sets them apart from a regular water ski boat? Power, and lots of it.

A jet boat may have a typical hull, although most of the racing jet boats are much larger in size, however it's the power source that really sets it apart.

  1. A jet boat uses an inboard engine with a water pump that works much like a jet ski's pump does.
  2. A jet boat can hold anywhere from two to six people, depending upon its size.
  3. Jet boats can be as small as twelve feet and as large as sixty feet.
  4. You can purchase a jet boat for as little as a few thousand dollars or as much as a million dollars or more.

What features does the Response LXi have?

Powerful Water Ski Boats

There are several things to remember about the engine in a water ski boat. Because of better technology, many engines have 300 horsepower.
Look for dual in-line baffle type mufflers or you can build your boat with silent rider mufflers or stainless exhaust tips. If you're buying a used boat, hire a marine surveyor to inspect the engine and ensure it is functioning properly.

What is the malibu silver series?

Limited Edition Boats

If you're looking for a top of the line boat that very few people will have out on the water, consider purchasing a limited edition boat. Boat manufacturers make these boats at certain milestones, such as 25 years in the business. These limited edition boats usually have a sleeker design, more features and exciting accessories. The best part is you'll have a unique piece of boat history.

Do watersports boats hurt the environment

Environmental Issues Associated with Watersport Boats

Lakes and rivers have long provided a source of enjoyment to people. These natural areas provide spectacular opportunities to fish, swim and boat. Like all other things if not taken care of, we can easily destroy them.

Watersports boats, whether they are jet skis or full-sized ballast-equipped boats, can do significant harm to the lakes they use. The waves produced by these boats pummel the shoreline, eroding away dirt and eventually contaminating fish breeding areas. In places like Main, the Loon, a threatened water bird, nests right next to the shoreline and when these giant waves come ashore they destroy the nests.

Another significant issue specifically with ballast-equipped boats, like Malibu's Wakesetter, is seaweed getting trapped inside the ballast tanks, specifically invasive weeds like Eurasian Watermilfoil and Hydrilla. Once established, these weeds can choke a lake and destroy it for future recreation. Because only a segment of this weed is needed to cause an infestation, it can easily be lodged and transported from an invested lake to a pristine lake.

Because of the potential damage that can be caused by these boats, there is legislation being considered in some states banning the use of ballast boats. In order to responsibly own a watersports boat and protect the body of water the boat is being operated in, the owner should do the following things:

  1. Fill and flush the ballast tanks several times and clean out the filters after every use
  2. Minimize the use of large wakes, preferably use salt water only
  3. If the boat must be used in fresh water, do not stay in one area of the lake or river, spread out the wake. One to two waves is always better than 10 successive ones hitting the shore.
  4. Clean off your boat after every use and make sure to remove all clinging weeds from the prop/trailer and boat.

What is a wakeboarder boat?

Wakeboard Boats, What Are They and What to Look For

Wakeboarding has come a long way since the original Skurfer board was introduced back in the early 80s. Boarders realized that in order to up the margin of performance and to do bigger and better tricks to outdo competition, better boats were needed. Sure, any boat will pull a wakeboarder. However, in order to be competitive the boat needs to provide a large wake so that the boarder can get up in the air to do their best performance. It was discovered early on that the deeper the draft, the bigger the wave. Unfortunately, the boats that were able to make suitable waves were too slow to pull the boarder. Then came the ballast equipped boats. The entire concept of the ballast boat is to actually suck water into the boat to increase draft, while at the same time, keeping enough boat out of the water to for a suitable speed. This design took care of the problem completely.

If you want to see a great example of a wakeboarding boat, check out Malibu Boat's line of Wakesetter wakeboarding boats. These boats actually have three ballast areas to create the best waves, cruise control to allow for easier wakeboarding and once you get out of the water, it even has a hot shower available.

What to look for in a good Wakeboarding Boat:

  1. Good Speed
  2. Big, Long Wake
  3. Easy on and off, a swim platform works well
  4. Adjustable Ballast
  5. Suitable seating for a rear facing observer (for use where laws require an observer)
  6. Reliability and Quality

What ski boat accessories will I need with my water ski boat?

Ski Boat Accessories

Many people think that once they've purchased a water ski boat, they are ready to hit the water. Don't leave the dock without being prepared. There are many ski boat accessories that are absolutely necessary for a safe as well as fun boat ride. Take a look at the following checklist to see if you have everything you need for your water ski boat:

  1. Anchor-Be sure your anchor is large enough to anchor your boat. Anchors will typically be labeled for the correct boat size.
  2. Oars-Nobody wants to be stranded, but it can certainly happen. Although you can radio for help, you may need to help yourself as well, so keep a couple of oars on deck.
  3. Life Jackets-While these may be labeled ski boat accessories, they are absolute necessities for any type of boat. Be sure you have the correct number and size for all of your passengers.
  4. Fire Extinguisher-This is another absolute must have ski boat accessory. Fire extinguishers rated A,B, & C are best.
  5. Dock Lines-You'll need lines to tie off at the dock before you cruise out and when you come back.
  6. Boat Ladders
  7. Boat Swim Platforms
  8. Boat Lights
  9. Ski Ropes
  10. Ski Handles
  11. Skis
  12. Wakeboards
  13. Tubes
  14. Drysuits
  15. Gloves
  16. Snorkle Gear
  17. Goggles
  18. Sunglasses

What is a wakeboard boat?

Wakeboard Boats

When using a tow rope on a wakeboard boat, you want to consider the rope's length because this is associated with your boat's speed and the success of your wakeboarding experience. A faster boat will be able to hand a longer rope. If you find that you are riding in the wash of the wake, try speeding up the boat or shortening the length of the rope.

What should I know about buying a ski boat?

How To Buy Ski Boats

Before you head out to shop for ski boats, you may want to do a little research. Whether you are shopping at a dealership, an on-line auction, or purchasing a used power boat or ski boat from an individual seller, it pays to understand that there can be quite a big difference from one ski boat to another. Consider the following features:

  1. Engine Differences-Ski boats can be outboards, inboards, inboard/outboards, or v-drives. While inboards are probably most often associated with ski boats, the v-drive offers several positive options, including an under the boat propeller and no bow rise.
  2. Seating-How many passengers will you typically carry in the ski boat? Don't exceed the maximum weight capacity.
  3. Function-You can find boats that are strictly considered ski boats, or you can look for a fish and ski boat, which often has fishing accessories, such as pedestal seats, etc.
  4. Money-Before you shell out any money, consider the extras you may have to buy, such as life jackets, insurance, etc.
  5. Survey-You can have the boat inspected and a boating survey taken for your own piece of mind and, if necessary, for your insurance company.

What features does the Ride Series offer?

Ski Boating

You should look for ski boats with a relatively flat bottom, because this creates less of a wake for skiers. Most water-skiers also want a pole close to the center of the boat and many tournament boats have a pole which to ski from. You should also find a ski boat that has an engine in the center of the boat because this will also cause less of a wake. A powerful engine will help pull the skier out of the water quicker. A ski boat needs skegs in order to keep the boat going straight, so keep an eye out for those. Skegs also help the boat when turning.

What type of watersports boats are there

Specialized Boats

In an era of specialized motorcycles, cars and even telephones, there is no doubt that boats would follow the same trend. There are jet boats, ski boats, wakeboard boats and specialized water ski boats. If you go down to any resort area you are likely to even find boats that cater to parasailing.

Every type of boat has it own unique features that make it perfectly suited to its task. A ski boat usually has places to tie a rope, an observer position and a suitable platform for easy departure and entry. Wakeboard boats have a ballast system that allows water to be uploaded to make larger waves for the wake boarder to jump. Parasailing boats are usually very powerful boats with a large deck to the rear and a mounted winch to allow the parasailers an easy liftoff and recovery.

Specialized equipment also carries a higher price, as well. If you wait a few years, you are sometimes able to find used boats and pay quite a bit less. One thing about specialized boats is that they are usually well-made and have better quality components than die-cast boats.

Watersports boats are produced with specialized purposes in mind, but even for general pleasure use, the quality and reliability can't be matched.

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