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Why should I buy a direct drive boat?

Direct-Drive Boats

Before you head to the nearest boat dealerships, you need to consider just what features you want in a boat, and how the boat will be used. In fact, buying a boat is similar to buying a car. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many people will typically use this boat?
  2. What activities will the boat be used for...fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, or just pleasure cruising?
  3. How much money can I afford to spend?
  4. Do I want a new or used boat?
  5. Where will the boat be used...lake, river, or ocean?
Once you've answered these questions, you may be ready to begin shopping. You'll discover that there may be a big difference in the sport and leisure boats you look at. Direct-drive boats can maneuver easily and are typically one of the favored choices of skiers.

What are Indmar engines?

Indmar Engines

Indmar Engines give water sports enthusiasts what they want in a high performance engine. Indmar Engine's Electronic throttle and cruise has now become standard and allows the helm throttle control to electronically communicate with the engine's computer. The Indmar Engine's design also features a cruise control that is popular with water-skiers and wakeboarders. Indmar's engine computer module is programmed to deliver on the mark power and dependable response for skiers and wakeboards.

What is a v-drive?

V-Drive Boats

The difference between a v-drive and direct-drive is the drive shaft itself. A v-drive is shaped like a V. The shaft goes from the motor to a transmission inside the boat and back toward the prop. A direct-drive has a straight shaft that goes from the engine out to the prop.
A direct-drive engine is located mid-boat, whereas v-drive boats have engines in the rear. Skiers like direct-drives because they have flat bottoms which create small wakes and handle well, but depending upon how the ballast tank of a ski boat is filled, a v-drive can maneuver a boat through the water, cutting the surface and creating a wakeboarder or skier's dream wake.

What are some examples of a good powerboat design

Lakes and Oceans: Boats That Can Take Both and the Equipment that Makes It Possible

Powerboats come in many sizes and shapes. Some are single seaters with only a 15 hp outboard, all the way to 60' luxury speed boats with twin screws and every amenity possibly available on a boat. The type of speedboat you want is determined by where you will use it, how much you want to spend and how much you'll use it. That single seater will provide hours of fun for a small amount of money, but will be useless on the ocean. The 61 footer will be useless on a small lake and a blast on the ocean, but the fuel alone will match some people's monthly salary. There are several suitable designs that are easily adaptable to the ocean and lakes, while providing a good time without eating tons of gasoline. The Malibu vRide series boat is wide to encourage stability with high sides to avoid waves from splashing over. It also offers a transom deck to allow for easy out-of-water pickup. This boat also features a tower that called the Illusion X tower. It features a cover to keep the elements away and high mounted navigational lights so the boat can be better seen in high waves at night, if operating on the ocean. Another boat would be a Lund Alaskan. This small boat has a deep V hull configuration with a powerful engine. It's designed to handle rough water and also provide a stable platform for fishing. The deep V hull provides stability in waves by easily cutting through them, while it's high sides prevent waves from swamping the boat. The boats aluminum construction allows for easy maneuverability.

In general, any boat can be used on all types of water. Boating is inherently risky. The highlighted boats feature design elements that minimize the risk of a potential problems.

What is the difference between different powerboat engines?

Powerboat Engines, How to Select

V6, 5.8, I/O. What does it all mean? Is that additional $3,000 for the 5.8 engine worth it or can I get away with the 3.0? Powerboats come with a wide array of various engines. Recently, a boat manufacturer Web site offered about 10 different engine choices. You don't only have engine size choices, but also types. There are Johnson, Mercruiser, Volvo Marine, Indmar Engines and Isuzu. Even BMW made marine engines at one point in its history. How do you decide if you want an Indmar engine over a Volvo Engine or a 5.8 over a 3.0? Sometimes it's simple; a manufacturer may only offer one brand name. If they offer more than one name, research the reliability reputation of the engine. Engine size depends on what you are going to be doing with the boat. If you are going to be carrying the boat in full capacity and towing a water-skier, the 5.8 engine would be a good choice. If towing a water-skier only occurs once or twice a year and the majority of the boat's use is a low-speed pleasure ride around the lake, the 3.0 would be a fine choice.

What make a good powerboat?

Direct Drive, V-drive and Other Things That Make a Great Powerboat

What makes a good powerboat? Is it the engine, prop, style or hull design? In reality, it's the entire package. You can't have a prop that's designed for low-end power if you want a speed increase. If you wanted to turn on a dime, a traditional rear located direct-drive configuration would not work as well as a V-drive configuration located toward the middle of the boat. In general, most powerboats are specifically suited to certain tasks. It's up to you to decide what exactly you want out of the boat. Fortunately, there are many options to modify the boat if you decide later that you want more power or torque.

What should I know about Indmar Engines?

Indmar Engines

Indmar Engines continues to stand out as a leader in engine manufacturers for the following reasons:

  1. Peak Performance Engines-Indmar engines focus on fuel efficiency and can be custom calibrated.
  2. Warranty-Their full engine warranty covers fuel and electrical engines.
  3. Rust and Corrosion Resistance-Indmar engines are saltwater test proven.
  4. Crankshaft Pump-This beltless pump has been proven to last longer than belt driven pumps.
  5. Fuel Lines-Indmar engine's fuel lines are stainless steel and built to last.

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