Ski Boat Accessories

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What ski boat accessories will I need with my water ski boat?

Ski Boat Accessories

Many people think that once they've purchased a water ski boat, they are ready to hit the water. Don't leave the dock without being prepared. There are many ski boat accessories that are absolutely necessary for a safe as well as fun boat ride. Take a look at the following checklist to see if you have everything you need for your water ski boat:

  1. Anchor-Be sure your anchor is large enough to anchor your boat. Anchors will typically be labeled for the correct boat size.
  2. Oars-Nobody wants to be stranded, but it can certainly happen. Although you can radio for help, you may need to help yourself as well, so keep a couple of oars on deck.
  3. Life Jackets-While these may be labeled ski boat accessories, they are absolute necessities for any type of boat. Be sure you have the correct number and size for all of your passengers.
  4. Fire Extinguisher-This is another absolute must have ski boat accessory. Fire extinguishers rated A,B, & C are best.
  5. Dock Lines-You'll need lines to tie off at the dock before you cruise out and when you come back.
  6. Boat Ladders
  7. Boat Swim Platforms
  8. Boat Lights
  9. Ski Ropes
  10. Ski Handles
  11. Skis
  12. Wakeboards
  13. Tubes
  14. Drysuits
  15. Gloves
  16. Snorkle Gear
  17. Goggles
  18. Sunglasses



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