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What types of features are available for my wake-board?

New Features For Boaters

Boat manufacturers are constantly trying to upgrade today's modern pleasure boats. Many unique features built into new boats are designed to make boating more fun while others are created for additional safety for you and your family. Some experts are concerned about stern-drive boats as they may not be as safe as other models. In some cases, those boats driven from the stern can cause a lift in the bow which can block the driver's view. For this reason, Malibu Boats' Sport V boat design has been rigorously tested against stern-drive boats on the market. Here are two of its key features that offer safe driving and boating conditions:

*A unique hull design creates a virtually non-existent bow rise so drivers never lose sight of the horizon, even when turning.

*The prop is located underneath the boat—away from the swim platform. That way, you'll be able to let your kids have fun swimming without the worry they'll get hurt.

What additional features are available on luxuring boats

Added Technology And Features For Your Boat

When you visit a new boat showroom looking for the perfect boat, make sure you discuss additional options and features that can be added to your purchase. Keep in mind you'll need to take a variety of items with you when you boat and you'll want a way to store them out of sight. Ask your boat dealer about storage features that can come with you boat. Some luxury boats also come with removable carpet inserts for easy cleaning. Also, consider that you'll be on your boat for long periods of time so seating should be comfortable, and you may want a place for taking late afternoon naps. Additional features that will make your boating fun and comfortable include: flip-down drink holders, entertainment consoles and digital audio capability. Wake enhancing technology is also an added option for luxury boats. By adding this feature to the boat, wakeboarders have more power to control the height of the wave creating an even more exhilarating experience. Companies like Malibu Boats have wake enhancing options like the Wedge or the Power Wedge.

How can I boat safety at night?

Boat Lighting For Water Use

Having good lighting on a boat is not only essential for safe riding at night, but it can also be a lot of fun. For example, Malibu Boats offers a Pop-up Bow Light which serves as not only a safety accessory for your boat but a stylish accent. Additionally, through Malibu , you can equip your boat with a Transom Underwater Swim Light or with Halogen Docking Lights. All these lighting options are available through Malibu Boats. At, you'll also find a large variety of well-designed and durable accessories. Don't forget to equip your boat with plenty of stainless steel beverage cups, floating eyeglass holders and even leashes for your dogs.

How do sailboats stay upright and not tip over under sail?

Keeping a Sailboat Upright

Sailboats are a great type of vessel as they don't require much fuel to go long distances. Sailboats use wind resistance against the sails to push the boat forward. The concept seems simple enough, but what actually keeps a small boat with a giant sail upright? On the smallest sailboats, its skill and the ability of the sailor to properly regulate the amount of wind entering and leaving the sail. On the larger boats it's actually the ballast and/or keel that counterweight the pressure in the sails.

The keel is actually an extension of the sailboat's hull that stretches down and is filled with lead or heavy steel. Its primary purpose is to allow the boat to track a straight line while keeping it parallel enough to the surface to catch the wind in its sails. Because weight and resistance are an issue, the keel had to be eliminated. Many companies came out with some interesting designs. In general sailboats are a great design little can be done to improve, though there are always those who find ways of pushing them further.

Why do speed boats go so fast?

Features That Speed Up Speed Boats

Boats have a unique challenge that other vehicles don't have the need to overcome not only wind resistance, but also water resistance. Professional speedboats like those endorsed by the American Power Boat Association (APBA) actually are designed to minimize the time in the water by actually floating on a cushion of air above the surface or hydroplaning.

Although many average people would love to go really fast on the water, they also don't want to give up their comfort. Unfortunately, comfort is rarely lightweight. Weight is also an enemy of speed. Less weight equals more speed. More weight is usually overcome by a bigger engine. The weight issue is also a problem here as well. The weight issue is an exponential problem faced by racers as well as recreational boat manufacturers.

There is a way to solve the problem and inventive manufacturers have discovered it. The solution is to build streamlined boats, with revolutionary components like carbon fiber rack and dashes using engines that are cast alloy instead of heavy steel. This combination of lightweight technology allows for luxury never before seen in a powerful speedboat.

What makes a ski boat or a wakeboard boat different from a regular speedboat?

Features of Wakeboarding and Ski Boats

All functional boats do the same task: they carry cargo and passengers over the water. Ski and water boats are designed to be able to pull a wake boarder or skier across the water at speed and at the same time create either a smooth wake or rough water wake depending upon who is being towed. These boats specific attributes that make them different from just a speed boat is the ability to have adjustable wakes by actually sucking water in as ballast and using their ballast monitoring system to adjust the plane of the boat so the desired wake is achieved.

Can I take my digital music on my boat?

Take Your Tunes With You

With numerous luxury boats now on the market, many models are fast becoming a home away from home for your family and friends. For example, luxury boats—even some that are relatively affordable for many families—now come with ways to enjoy music while aboard. When you buy your new boat, you should talk with your sales rep about this feature as it can easily be added to boats that don't have standard music systems. Options you'll have include: a detachable stereo face that is capable of playing CDs and storing digital music, USB cables and satellite radio features, sub-woofers and a variety of amplifiers. With the onset of digital music, you could enjoy hundreds of songs on your boat.

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