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How can I protect my boat if I'm not with it?

Wireless Monitoring System For Your Boat

Who is watching your boat while you aren't with it? That's a good question for all boat owners as boats are an expensive hobby. Some companies now offer wireless monitoring systems to help protect your boat from theft and/or fire. These systems can text message your cell phone or send you an email if something on the boat is awry. You may even be able to get an insurance discount or rebate if you install such a system. Vital information that a system can monitor includes: the power source, the high water alarm, motion in the cabin (if an intruder tries to enter), and temperature and fire or smoke in the cabin. A relatively small investment in such a system may save you thousands if you boat is broken into or catches fire.

How can I provide shade on my boat?

Bimini Covers For Your Boat

Even though enjoying the sun is one reason people buy boats, sometimes it's nice to have a little shade on the water (or a way to be protected against a rain shower). A bimini top is one option to consider. A bimini top offers a partial roof over your boat and usually comes with a high-quality fabric that may be UV resistant. These tops can be stored on your boat when not in use. When you by a bimini top, make sure the parts—such as straps or fittings—are durable and able to stand up to wet conditions. Bimini tops also come in a variety of colors and fabric designs so you'll be able to find one to match your boat and your personality.

How do I alert other boaters of my boat's position?

Equip Your Boat With A Safety Horn

While most boaters on the water observe and obey safety rules, laws and other precautions, you can never assume that a boater nearby hears or sees your boat. One way to help prevent a boating accident is to have a horn on board and within easy reach. There are several styles of boat horns to choose from; they include electric and air horns and can range in price from about $20 to well over $100. Electric horns are often made of stainless steel and may be more expensive. But, these options may also be more durable. Some horns mount on your boat while others, such as some air horns, you can hold in your hand to sound. Air horns can be recharged with a bicycle or service station pump and are generally less expensive. Whatever type of horn you choose, you should make sure it meets all U.S. Coast Guard standards.

What are my options in places to get boat supplies and accessories?

Boat Supply Abundance

Like all other forms of transportation, your boat will need supplies and accessories. There are boat supply stores that cater to boaters and provide an array of various boat accessories. These accessories and boat supplies can range from boat covers, oil, teak, all the way to Raytheon electronics and even life boats. It's not uncommon that even these giant boat supply stores don't have exactly what you need because it's custom to your boat. This is where manufacturer and aftermarket suppliers come in. Whether it is a replacement cleat or an entirely new sail, you can usually get exactly what you want from the boat manufacturer or a boat supply store.

What does Illusion X refer to?

What to Know About Wakeboard Towers

Wakeboard towers are an evolution of the pylon and extended pylon. An early version of a wakeboard tower was first patented in 1996. In general, boat companies do not make the towers and outsource to wakeboard tower manufacturers, but there are a few that make their own. In most instances, boat dealerships and other authorized dealers sell the towers and buyers can then purchase other things, like tower accessories, as well.

There are aftermarket wakeboard towers that are made by companies that do not have a contract with a boat manufacturer. This usually just means the manufacturer is small or doesn't have a large enough network of dealerships to sell to.


Boat Accessories And Guest Gear

There are plenty of boat accessories on the market to jazz up your boats appearance but you should also concern yourself with boat accessories designed for safety. The following are great examples:

*You should keep a fire extinguisher on your boat. Make sure it is in good working order before each trip.

*You should keep a gasoline can on your boat in case you run out of fuel. Exercise extreme care with this boat accessory.

*Have plenty of extra life jackets on your boat as well as a throw ring.

*You should buy extra skiing and tubing ropes. Always check the condition of a rope before using it.

These and other safety accessories for your boat can be found at your local boat store or online.


Accessories For Your Boat Trailer

Towing a boat from one location to another can be tricky. Experts recommend that certain safety features be added to your trailer such as lights and extra brakes. There are some additional accessories that can make trailing a boat easier and safer, too. One idea is to install a trailer step. This prevents you from a possible fall when mounting the trailer. Two additional trailer accessories are bow stops and keel rollers. The bow stop will help keep your boat more secure when you load it and during transport, while keel rollers add extra support to the keel during transit, especially on bumpy roads.

How can I protect the captain's and seating consoles on my boat?

Does Your Boat Need A Hull Bra?

A good quality boat is designed to hold up against any and all applicable water conditions. Part of the fun of boating is feeling that bit of water on your face as you cruise down the river or bay. However, it may be a wise decision to consider buying boat covers for certain areas of your boat. An online reputable boat dealer should be able to show you the many covers that manufacturers make for outboard motors, and seating and steering consoles. When your boat is not in use, boat covers will protect it from excessive elements and interior fabrics will last longer. Also, a special cover, called a hull bra, can be purchased to protect your boat's bow and keel from bugs, rocks and other road hazards. If you operate your boat in salt water, make sure any cover you consider buying will hold up against sea water.

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