Equip Your Boat With A Safety Horn

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How do I alert other boaters of my boat's position?

Equip Your Boat With A Safety Horn

While most boaters on the water observe and obey safety rules, laws and other precautions, you can never assume that a boater nearby hears or sees your boat. One way to help prevent a boating accident is to have a horn on board and within easy reach. There are several styles of boat horns to choose from; they include electric and air horns and can range in price from about $20 to well over $100. Electric horns are often made of stainless steel and may be more expensive. But, these options may also be more durable. Some horns mount on your boat while others, such as some air horns, you can hold in your hand to sound. Air horns can be recharged with a bicycle or service station pump and are generally less expensive. Whatever type of horn you choose, you should make sure it meets all U.S. Coast Guard standards.



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