Does Your Boat Need A Hull Bra?

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How can I protect the captain's and seating consoles on my boat?

Does Your Boat Need A Hull Bra?

A good quality boat is designed to hold up against any and all applicable water conditions. Part of the fun of boating is feeling that bit of water on your face as you cruise down the river or bay. However, it may be a wise decision to consider buying boat covers for certain areas of your boat. An online reputable boat dealer should be able to show you the many covers that manufacturers make for outboard motors, and seating and steering consoles. When your boat is not in use, boat covers will protect it from excessive elements and interior fabrics will last longer. Also, a special cover, called a hull bra, can be purchased to protect your boat's bow and keel from bugs, rocks and other road hazards. If you operate your boat in salt water, make sure any cover you consider buying will hold up against sea water.



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