How To Buy Ski Boats

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What should I know about buying a ski boat?

How To Buy Ski Boats

Before you head out to shop for ski boats, you may want to do a little research. Whether you are shopping at a dealership, an on-line auction, or purchasing a used power boat or ski boat from an individual seller, it pays to understand that there can be quite a big difference from one ski boat to another. Consider the following features:

  1. Engine Differences-Ski boats can be outboards, inboards, inboard/outboards, or v-drives. While inboards are probably most often associated with ski boats, the v-drive offers several positive options, including an under the boat propeller and no bow rise.
  2. Seating-How many passengers will you typically carry in the ski boat? Don't exceed the maximum weight capacity.
  3. Function-You can find boats that are strictly considered ski boats, or you can look for a fish and ski boat, which often has fishing accessories, such as pedestal seats, etc.
  4. Money-Before you shell out any money, consider the extras you may have to buy, such as life jackets, insurance, etc.
  5. Survey-You can have the boat inspected and a boating survey taken for your own piece of mind and, if necessary, for your insurance company.



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