Environmental Issues Associated with Watersport Boats

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Do watersports boats hurt the environment

Environmental Issues Associated with Watersport Boats

Lakes and rivers have long provided a source of enjoyment to people. These natural areas provide spectacular opportunities to fish, swim and boat. Like all other things if not taken care of, we can easily destroy them.

Watersports boats, whether they are jet skis or full-sized ballast-equipped boats, can do significant harm to the lakes they use. The waves produced by these boats pummel the shoreline, eroding away dirt and eventually contaminating fish breeding areas. In places like Main, the Loon, a threatened water bird, nests right next to the shoreline and when these giant waves come ashore they destroy the nests.

Another significant issue specifically with ballast-equipped boats, like Malibu's Wakesetter, is seaweed getting trapped inside the ballast tanks, specifically invasive weeds like Eurasian Watermilfoil and Hydrilla. Once established, these weeds can choke a lake and destroy it for future recreation. Because only a segment of this weed is needed to cause an infestation, it can easily be lodged and transported from an invested lake to a pristine lake.

Because of the potential damage that can be caused by these boats, there is legislation being considered in some states banning the use of ballast boats. In order to responsibly own a watersports boat and protect the body of water the boat is being operated in, the owner should do the following things:

  1. Fill and flush the ballast tanks several times and clean out the filters after every use
  2. Minimize the use of large wakes, preferably use salt water only
  3. If the boat must be used in fresh water, do not stay in one area of the lake or river, spread out the wake. One to two waves is always better than 10 successive ones hitting the shore.
  4. Clean off your boat after every use and make sure to remove all clinging weeds from the prop/trailer and boat.



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