Jet Boat

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What is a jet boat?

Jet Boat

You may have seen them going down the highway. Those powerful jet boats with the name of a sponsor etched along side their sleek sides. You may have heard them as they raced across the top of the water, looking as if they could take off and fly at any moment. A jet boat is an amazing piece of machinery to watch. What sets them apart from a regular water ski boat? Power, and lots of it.

A jet boat may have a typical hull, although most of the racing jet boats are much larger in size, however it's the power source that really sets it apart.

  1. A jet boat uses an inboard engine with a water pump that works much like a jet ski's pump does.
  2. A jet boat can hold anywhere from two to six people, depending upon its size.
  3. Jet boats can be as small as twelve feet and as large as sixty feet.
  4. You can purchase a jet boat for as little as a few thousand dollars or as much as a million dollars or more.



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