First Time? Think Small

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First Time? Think Small

Malibu Boats Tip: If you're thinking about owning a boat for your family, consider something sporty that won't require a lot of maintenance. Malibu Boats has created the Luxury Sport-V Series Boats as an answer to families and water sports enthusiasts' need for top performing watercrafts that feature the thrill of the ride as well as a feeling of safety and security.

Malibu Boats Luxury Sport-V Series Boats feature the following:

  1. Nearly Non-Existent Bow Rise-Drivers can stay seated while still viewing the horizon.
  2. Under-the-Boat Propeller-Located away from the swim platform to prevent accidents to swimmers.
  3. Flatter Design-Passengers feel more secure without the dramatic roll that most boats have during turns.
  4. Rack and Pinion Steering-Driving a luxury Sport-V Series boat is like driving a fine automobile.
  5. Beautiful Interior and Exterior-Plush interior and exquisite detailing.



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