New Features For Boaters

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What types of features are available for my wake-board?

New Features For Boaters

Boat manufacturers are constantly trying to upgrade today's modern pleasure boats. Many unique features built into new boats are designed to make boating more fun while others are created for additional safety for you and your family. Some experts are concerned about stern-drive boats as they may not be as safe as other models. In some cases, those boats driven from the stern can cause a lift in the bow which can block the driver's view. For this reason, Malibu Boats' Sport V boat design has been rigorously tested against stern-drive boats on the market. Here are two of its key features that offer safe driving and boating conditions:

*A unique hull design creates a virtually non-existent bow rise so drivers never lose sight of the horizon, even when turning.

*The prop is located underneath the boat—away from the swim platform. That way, you'll be able to let your kids have fun swimming without the worry they'll get hurt.



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