Pick The Optimum Propeller For Your Boat

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Can I change the propeller on my boat?

Pick The Optimum Propeller For Your Boat

In order for your boat to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible, you will need to make sure you choose the right propeller. You should enlist a boat professional to help you do this. You will need a tachometer to measure RPM and a speedometer to measure boat speed. Perform all your tests at a wide open throttle and in the same conditions (i.e. load, engine height, water conditions). Check your operator's manual to find the RPM of the engine at its rated horsepower and the recommended operating range. You want to learn if the propeller allows the engine to run near the rated RPM but never outside this operating range. You should perform tests making runs in opposite directions. As you perform these tests, you'll find the right propeller for your boat as well as the right adjustment for it.



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