Sail Boat Parts

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What are some basic saily boat parts?

Sail Boat Parts

Any sailor, no matter how inexperienced, needs to be familiar with sail boat parts. Until you understand the differences and the definitions of a sail boat parts, you cannot be an adequate sailor. The following is a list of basic sail boat parts and their definitions:

  1. Backstay-Wire support that runs from the stern to the head of the mast.
  2. Boom-A horizontal spar which extends from the mast and to which the foot of the sail is attached.
  3. Bow-Forward part of the boat.
  4. Stern-Rear of the boat.
  5. Forestay-Wire support that runs from the foredeck to the top of the mast.
  6. Genoa-Also called a genny. This is the largest jib sail.
  7. Hull-Body of the sail boat.
  8. Keel-Fixed underwater fin of the boat.
  9. Propeller-Revolving blades under the boat used to propel that boat through the water.
  10. Lifeline-A cable fence that runs around the perimeter of the boat to prevent sailors from falling overboard.
  11. Mainsail-This the sail that is attached to the boom and mast.
  12. Mainsheet-Line that is used to control the boom.
  13. Rudder-Flat blade attached under the boat at the stern and used to turn the boat.



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