Added Technology And Features For Your Boat

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Added Technology And Features For Your Boat

Malibu Boats Tip: Some boaters desire a quiet, serene experience. They want to stay away from noise, skiers and waves. Other boaters desire a high-powered and exciting experience. They want to hitch up to their sport boat and go for a wake-jumping ride. Newer boats now offer exceptional power and wake-making ability without sacrificing luxury. Additionally, adjustable wake technology, such as the Power Wedge by Malibu Boats, means boaters can adjust the height of the wave they create—from as little as 400 pounds of displacement to 1200 pounds of displacement.

When you consider a boat designed to create wake for wake-boarding and skiing fun, you should make sure the boat is designed to last. Adjustable wake technology that utilizes both welded construction and stainless steel materials is likely to give you countless hours of boating fun without showing wear and tear, or needing repairs.



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