Direct-Drive Boats

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Direct-Drive Boats

Malibu Boats Tip: A direct-drive power boat design typically means that the boat's powerplant is stationed at the center of the boat. Some boaters prefer a direct-drive boat over a v-drive. Malibu Boats' Wakesetter Series features direct-drive. Some people prefer direct-drive for handling and skiers like it because these boats make a flatter wake, unless weighted or used with the Wedge. The Wakesetter Series, which includes the Wakesetter 21 Xti, Wakesetter 23 XTi and Wakesetter 247 RX, offers boaters both luxury and style, as well as a comfortable yet thrilling ride for individuals and families. When designing this series, Malibu did not forget about direct-drive enthusiasts and those boaters who desire a multipurpose tow boat that handles, skis and wakeboards well.



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