Luxury Boats

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Luxury Boats

Malibu Boats Tip: Consumers and dealers typically look for some of the same options in a luxury boat that they would want in a luxury car. But musicians, movie stars and other celebrities expect even more than a few extras in their luxury boats. Rapper Diddy spent part of his summer in St. Tropez aboard the RM Elegant. The floating paradise reportedly sleeps 30 in 15 cabins and has a jacuzzi on the top deck for Diddy and his guests to sunbathe while out on the open seas. The boat also has marble baths and a full dining room.
Even if you're not Diddy, but you're in the market for a luxury boat, look for these features:

  • Plush interiors
  • Flashy exteriors
  • High performance motors
  • Automatic speed control
  • Extra storage space and equipment compartments
  • State of the art navigational tools
  • Safety Options



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