Tips On Driving A Boat

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Tips On Driving A Boat

Wakeboard boats are the most popular towboats sold. Wakeboarders understood that to get more "air" they had to elevate the tow spool that holds the ski pylon for the ski rope. Then came the invention of the wakeboard tower, which turned a water ski boat into a wakeboard boat. Despite these tools, the driver of the boat or the spotter and the wakeboarder have to communicate with hand signals. It's the job of the boat's driver to understand the signals so they know when to start the boat after a wakeboarder has fallen into the water. A thumbs-up tells the driver to go faster, a thumbs-down means slower. To stop, the skier should give the driver the same hand signal a traffic cop gives a car - hand up. An index finger pointing left or right tells the driver which direction to head.



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