Feeling Sporty? An I/O is Not Your Only Choice!

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Feeling Sporty? An I/O is Not Your Only Choice!

Malibu Boats Tip: Malibu Boats has stepped away from the common inboard/outboard stern drive and instead has chosen to use several innovative and superior quality features in its LSV runabout boat series. These features include the following:

  1. Superior Hull Design-A Malibu LSV Runabout boasts a hull which features a virtually non-existent bow rise, allowing the driver to see everything around him or her while still seated.
  2. Flatter Design-The flatter design of the boat nearly eliminates that inevitable roll that occurs as a boat turns, leaving passengers with a much more secure feeling.
  3. Prop Location-One of the best safety features in an LSV is the location of the prop. The prop has been placed under this runabout and away from the swim platform, thus drastically reducing the risk of injury to children or any swimmer.
  4. Tracking Fins-Boaters can make turns on a dime but experience an ultra-smooth ride as well with this v-drive runabout's superior tracking fins.
  5. Ease of Use-A Malibu LSV is easy to drive because it has quick reflexes and tight handling.



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