Top Performance Boats

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Top Performance Boats

Malibu Boats Tip: Malibu Boats continues to earn accolades as a leading manufacturer of performance boats. Its Sport V series, as well as its other luxury, high performance ski boats, wakeboard boats, and limited edition watercraft continue to win more boating awards than all other competitors combined. Malibu Boats is committed to building top performance boats, which is evident with the addition in the following standard features:

  1. GM Vortec engines
  2. Adjustable rudder-Customize the rudder to your specifications.
  3. One piece glass windshield-Never worry about watching for safety hazards again!
  4. Precision Pro speed control-Even novice boaters can use this speed control with ease.
  5. Gorilla fins-Their custom design offers great handling and stability.
  6. Dual gas fills



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