Boat Costs And Memberships

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Boat Costs And Memberships

Malibu Boats Tip: Club Malibu's goal is to create a lifelong bond among Malibu boat owners, offering these owners special events and continuous VIP treatment. Owners of any Malibu boat may join Club Malibu for a $40 annual fee. Club Malibu members will receive the following:

  1. An official Club Malibu membership card.
  2. A one-year subscription to the Malibu Review, a quarterly magazine.
  3. Personal invitations to Malibu boat owners' events.
  4. Discounts on Malibu gear and accessories.
  5. Discounts on boater's insurance purchased through a Malibu Boats insurance plan.
  6. A one-year subscription to Cabin Life.
For a yearly $40 fee, Malibu boat owners can become members of Club Malibu and benefit from a membership kit offering personal invitations to Malibu boating events, select magazine subscriptions, merchandise discounts, and other perks.



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