Boat Storage and Trailer Options

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What are the ways other people store and transport boats?

Boat Storage and Trailer Options

There was once a pair of college professors in Maine who owned a sailboat and house in Nova Scotia. During the summer, they would tie their boat off at a mooring in their resident harbor. During the winter, they would sail their boat up the coast to a boat marina and have the vessel put up into dry storage for the winter. They did this for many years and the boat always looked new.

That boat owned by the professors looked new for one reason. Although it was kept in the far north, exposed to the elements all summer, it was washed, waxed and finally wrapped up, being placed in heated dry storage for the harsh winter. This is usually the way to go if you want to extend the longevity of your boat. There are other ways to keep your boat, as well, though.

Some people pay boat marinas to use their trailers to get their boats at the owner's personal residence. They wrap the boat in shrink wrap for the winter, so they are protected from the elements. Other people usually rent their own boat slips at the marina and when the winter arrives, the marina uses their boat lift to pick the boat clear out of the water, storing it for the season.

The majority of people who own boats, however, simply transport their boat on a trailer, use it for the day and pull it home at night.



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