Boat of the Year

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What is Boat of the Year?

Boat of the Year

The designation of “Boat of the Year” is offered on many levels. In the end it's up to the consumer to decide if this “boat of the year is indeed the boat that they really want. One aspect however is standard for all “Boat of the Year” candidates. What actually makes them worthy of the recognition? In order to actually get named boat of the year you need to score highest in a series of qualifiers:

  1. Quality- A boat that is cheaply made will not even be considered
  2. Value- You are getting a good buy for your money
  3. Company stability- If something happens to the boat, who will fix it?
  4. Actual Use—Judges board the boats and see if they are suitable for their designed task
  5. Price—Is it actually worth the asking price?

These qualifiers are applied to many different categories of boat. It is rare and almost impossible to name only one boat as the boat of the year. Some of these categories are luxury yacht, luxury speedboat, Blue water cruiser, Runabout; Best value, best quality, and so on. The best “Boat of the Year” to buy would be one that gains the designation from multiple groups.



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