Safe Voyaging

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What safety requirement are required while operating a boat?

Safe Voyaging

So you are spending a day on the water with your new boat. Are you confident that you and your passengers will be safe? If something happens do you know what to do. Here are a few boating safety tips that will ensure a fun voyage.

  1. Attend a boat safety course. This course will teach you what to have aboard, how to pilot the boat and how to handle emergencies

  1. Make sure you have all boat safety equipment in good order and in good supply. This safety equipment includes at least one life jacket for each person, fire suppression devices, audible and visual warning devices, and an anchor.

  1. If you have enclosed living spaces aboard, proper warning devices such as fire and carbon monoxide should be installed and working

  1. If you have done everything you can think of to make your boat safe you may want to allow the Coast Guard to perform a safety check. If you pass, you will receive a boat safety certification sticker from the performing officer.

In order to make sure that the boat stays safe, the number one boating safety tip would be to develop and print out a boat safety checklist, and keeping a few copies aboard.

A safe trip is a good trip and a captain's biggest responsibility is his fellow boaters safety.



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