Features That Speed Up Speed Boats

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Why do speed boats go so fast?

Features That Speed Up Speed Boats

Boats have a unique challenge that other vehicles don't have the need to overcome not only wind resistance, but also water resistance. Professional speedboats like those endorsed by the American Power Boat Association (APBA) actually are designed to minimize the time in the water by actually floating on a cushion of air above the surface or hydroplaning.

Although many average people would love to go really fast on the water, they also don't want to give up their comfort. Unfortunately, comfort is rarely lightweight. Weight is also an enemy of speed. Less weight equals more speed. More weight is usually overcome by a bigger engine. The weight issue is also a problem here as well. The weight issue is an exponential problem faced by racers as well as recreational boat manufacturers.

There is a way to solve the problem and inventive manufacturers have discovered it. The solution is to build streamlined boats, with revolutionary components like carbon fiber rack and dashes using engines that are cast alloy instead of heavy steel. This combination of lightweight technology allows for luxury never before seen in a powerful speedboat.



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