Powerboat Engines, How to Select

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What is the difference between different powerboat engines?

Powerboat Engines, How to Select

V6, 5.8, I/O. What does it all mean? Is that additional $3,000 for the 5.8 engine worth it or can I get away with the 3.0? Powerboats come with a wide array of various engines. Recently, a boat manufacturer Web site offered about 10 different engine choices. You don't only have engine size choices, but also types. There are Johnson, Mercruiser, Volvo Marine, Indmar Engines and Isuzu. Even BMW made marine engines at one point in its history. How do you decide if you want an Indmar engine over a Volvo Engine or a 5.8 over a 3.0? Sometimes it's simple; a manufacturer may only offer one brand name. If they offer more than one name, research the reliability reputation of the engine. Engine size depends on what you are going to be doing with the boat. If you are going to be carrying the boat in full capacity and towing a water-skier, the 5.8 engine would be a good choice. If towing a water-skier only occurs once or twice a year and the majority of the boat's use is a low-speed pleasure ride around the lake, the 3.0 would be a fine choice.



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