Downsides to Owning a Custom Boat

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What are the potential implications of buying a custom boat

Downsides to Owning a Custom Boat

So you've decided you want a custom boat. Have you considered the potential downsides? Custom boats are expensive. There are many boat builders who are able to retire after only building a few boats. Boat building is a very skilled profession and demands a premium price. Depending upon the boat design, many aspects to a custom boat are unique to only that boat. There are very few aspects of the boat that allow you to take a broken part, run to a boat supply yard and buy another. It may need to be custom made, for twice the cost of what a standard unit would run.

Another downside doesn't seem like a negative aspect until you get the finished product: the type of boat. There are 10 times as many boat plans available as there are boat builders to build boats. You may think you want one type, but when the vessel is delivered two years later, you may realize you actually would have liked the smaller, less expensive version better.

These are things you need to think about. Custom boats are for the decisive and require extensive forethought and consideration of where you will be in life when it's ready to sail.



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