What Makes a Custom Boat?

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What exactly is a custom boat?

What Makes a Custom Boat?

Custom boats are all about uniqueness, quality and owning something no one else has. So what makes a boat “custom?” It could be elements like your own decals, equipment or tinted windows. For those individuals who lack the ability or drive to personally customize their own boats, some boat manufacturers offer customization services. Certain things like diamond hulls, chrome exhaust pipes, upgraded stereos, custom embroidered carpeting and custom coloring are available at a small cost over MSRP. In many cases, this form of customization is actually cheaper because the manufacturer already has pre-made accessories available and ready to sell.

Tips to make a boat custom:

  1. Apply decals and tint windows
  2. Add performance products (better pitch prop, free-flow exhaust)
  3. Upgrade dash area and electronics
  4. Custom Paint Job
  5. Hull modifications



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