Where to Find and How Much to Pay for a Custom Boat

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Where do I find a custom boat?

Where to Find and How Much to Pay for a Custom Boat

A custom boat is the ultimate form of expression on the water. There is no better way of getting exactly what you want than to order it yourself. Custom boats not only have your own personal exclusivity, but because they are all one of a kind, they're usually of better quality than a traditional factory line boat.

All types of boats can be custom. The amount of customization is up to you and how much you want to spend. There are boat manufacturers that offer customizing of their factory line boats, there are other boat dealers that build the boat from scratch based on your specifications.

The price range is based on the amount of customization you want. Hinckley Boat builders, based in Maine, make custom boats that can take more than two years to complete. The quality is magnificent, but the price can be hefty. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people who work along the coast who will install tinted glass, decals, nicer upholstery, upgraded electronics and custom dashes and the total cost will not exceed $1,000.

If you can afford to get your own custom boat, your options are limited to your finances. If you want a custom boat, but can't afford to get one made personally, they are available used for approximately 50 percent off of the retail value. You can also customize a factory boat to your personal specifications for considerably less.



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