Feed Your Boating Hobby With Antique Marine Engines

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Can an antique boat engine be made to work again?

Feed Your Boating Hobby With Antique Marine Engines

While there is always excitement around the new and advanced boat models, there are some boating enthusiasts who prefer to tinker with old, antique boat engines. Early marine inboard engines were often known as one-lungers or 'make and break' engines. Unlike modern boats, they were most often of a two-cycle design. In many cases, these old engines—with some time and effort—can be made to work again. There are boating experts who specialize in such an endeavor although not near as many as in prior years. If you decide to ‘tinker' with such an engine, do so with the utmost care and conduct significant research ahead of time. Here are a few tips about antique marine engines:

*When running an antique marine engine without a load, be extremely careful, as it can over-speed with deadly results.

*Don't use detergent oil and don't use modern two-cycle oil in antique marine engines.

*Be aware that two-cycle engines flood easily.

*When installing an antique engine, make sure the exhaust piping does not stress the cylinder.



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