Boat Propeller Is Key To A Smooth Ride

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How do propellers work?

Boat Propeller Is Key To A Smooth Ride

The propeller on an outboard motor of a boat is the means by which the horsepower, initiated by the engine, is converted into thrust. In most cases, your boat propeller will be made of aluminum, as this material offers a fair amount of durability in many boating situations. Other propeller materials include composites, plastic and stainless steel. The pitch of a propeller is the angle of the blades in inches of travel in one revolution while rake is the measurement of the angle of the tilt of the blade's tip toward or away from the gear case.

As a boat owner, you should be aware that, in a dual engine set up, steering can be quite difficult when the propellers turn in the same direction. This can be solved with counter-rotation, an option that has become more common in recent years. A boat that utilizes counter-rotation will be, as a general rule, much easier to navigate.



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