Sailboats For Sale Checklist

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What items should I include in a sailboats for sale checklist?

Sailboats For Sale Checklist

You've found a list of sailboats for sale in your local paper or at an on-line auction, and now you need to know if the boat you are considering is a good buy. It's always best to create a checklist for any big item purchase, and a sailboat definitely falls into that category. Consider the following checklist before you check out that long list of sailboats for sale:

  1. Accessories-What items, such as life preservers, extra sails, power cords, and instruments, will come with the sailboat?
  2. Marine Survey-Your insurance company may require you to submit a marine survey. Find out if the seller has just had one completed.
  3. Condition-Check the condition of the entire boat. This includes the accessories, the sails, instrumentation, radios, hull, deck, lifeline, VHF, depth sounder, battery, winches, boom, lines, tiller, bilge pump, swim ladder, and trailer.
  4. Repairs-Ask to see a list of any repairs that have been done to the boat, including receipts.
  5. Cabin-When you are surveying the overall condition of the boat, be sure you thoroughly examine the cabin as well, including the potty, stove, etc.



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