Learn To Sail Tips

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How do I learn to sail?

Learn To Sail Tips

Many people learn to sail without any formal lessons. They may go out with friends or family who are competent sailors. Before you set sail, however, it is important that you never venture out with a seasoned sailer along. Accidents can happen to even the most seasoned sailor, so be prepared. The following tips will get you started, but remember, most marinas offer sailing courses, and you may also learn to sail by taking private lessons.

  1. Brush up on your swimming skills. You'll need them!
  2. Wear bright colors so that you are easily seen in the water.
  3. Practice raising a capsized boat.
  4. Always be aware of the boom, and learn how to control it for a smooth sailing experience.
  5. Practice learning how to sail in low winds and away from crowded waters.



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