Charter Sailboat

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What questions should I ask before renting a charter sailboat?

Charter Sailboat

Many people choose to charter a sailboat as opposed to owning one. The more experienced sailor can rent a charter sailboat to sail on his or her own, but less experienced boaters typically want the security of a captain and even crew, especially for larger charter sailboats. Before you charter a sailboat, consider the following:

  1. Even experienced sailors may need a refresher course. Ask the marina for a brief orientation concerning your charter sailboat and the area you will be sailing.
  2. Do a thorough check of the boat before you set sail. This means checking the battery, water tank, sail ties, bilge pump, cables, dock lines, fuel lines, fuel levels, throttle, emergency tiller, and sail.
  3. Before you leave the marina, be sure you file a float plan, understand the VHF frequencies for the marina, know the shore power, and have the proper charts.



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