Rent-to-Own Your Luxury Power Boat

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What is a luxury power boat rental?

Rent-to-Own Your Luxury Power Boat

Luxury power boat rentals are typically handled by charter companies. While some luxury power boats may be rented by individuals without the aid of a captain and crew, many charter companies offer vacationers the thrill of a power boat ride with an experienced captain at the wheel. Luxury power boat rentals typically offer the following activities:

  1. Diving-Your captain will take you to the best dive spots.
  2. Snorkeling/Scuba Diving-Many power boat rentals may also supply equipment as well.
  3. Fishing-Experienced guides on board typically know right where the fish are located.
  4. Dinner-The larger power boat charters often offer dinner cruises.
  5. Sightseeing-This may include dolphin or whale watching excursions.



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