Tips On Driving A Boat

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What are some tips for how to drive a boat?

Tips On Driving A Boat

Driving a boat is much like driving a car, although in many states, the age for obtaining a boat driving license is much younger than that of an automobile driving license. Before you even begin to learn how to drive a boat, however, it is imperative that you participate in some type of boat safety course and receive a boating certification that is endorsed by the marine police of your particular state. This is important whether you are planning on taking a leisurely ride in a sailboat or zipping through the waterways on a high performance boat. It's essential that you learn the rules of the road before you get behind the wheel of any watercraft.Once you've completed a boating safety course and received your license, you need to begin learning how to drive a boat with the aid of an experienced boater at your side.

The following tips are applicable for driving just about any boat, including runabout boats, luxury boats, high performance boats, wakeboard boats and even sailboats, when someone is learning how to drive a boat.

  1. Complete a boating course to obtain a boating safety certificate.
  2. Become familiar with all parts of the boat, including any extra safety equipment.
  3. Develop an accurate checklist that you can use before each boating excursion.
  4. Don't use alcohol, and don't allow your passengers to do so either.
  5. Be sure you have the adequate number and correct size of personal flotation devices on board.
  6. Know the navigational rules of the road.
  7. Practice safety at all times.
  8. Appoint an observer that will be on the lookout when anyone is skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding



5/6/2015 5:48:49 PM
H2O Floater said:

Did you have different people writing each section? First, the article states that driving a boat is very different than driving a car and now the article states that "Driving a boat is much like driving a car".

I found the tips not very helpful. I want to know the techniques for launching, steering, and docking.


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