Buying New vs. Used Boats

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Why should I purchase a Malibu Boat?

Buying New vs. Used Boats

Some boat owners choose to buy a used boat. There are many used boats on the market of all kinds, sizes and with a variety of features already built in. If you are considering buying a used boat, you should always ask for the maintenance record of the previous owner. If it's not available, you may want to continue looking. There are additional warning signs that a used boat is not one you'll want to own:

*There are places on the exterior with mismatched paint. This may signal a previous boat accident.

*The keel does not run in a true straight line. This may be a sign of shoddy repair.

*There are soft spots on the floors.

*There is not good water flow when the engine is started.

*The upholstery is damaged. This may indicate a former owner was careless.

Taking time to adequately check out a boat, or hiring a professional to do it for you, can save you countless unhappy hours as a new boat owner.



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