Boating Safety Course Descriptions

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What does a boating safety course offer?

Boating Safety Course Descriptions

Even licensed boat owners need to continuously review and study the boating laws and regulations that are enforced by their state. These boating safety regulations can be found in boating safety courses, which can be found on-line or through your local marine police division. Before you begin a boating safety course on-line, you can generally check to see if the course is endorsed by your state marine police department. Most boating safety courses offer the following information:

  1. Boating terminology and definitions
  2. Legal requirements involving the operation and navigation of a boat.
  3. Preparation of the boat and trailer before using either. This includes safety checks as well.
  4. Operation instructions including rules of the road and navigation instructions, tips, and rules.
  5. Instructions for maneuvering a watercraft.
  6. State requirements.



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