Boat Safety Equipment

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What should be included in a list of boat safety equipment?

Boat Safety Equipment

Boating safety should be at the forefront of every boater's thoughts before he or she ever enters the water. Any vessel, whether it be a personal watercraft or ski boat, must have adequate boat safety equipment, including the following:

  1. Bailer or bulge pump-While your state may have limitations on the requirements of one of these items, it is to your benefit to have at least one of these on board.
  2. VHF Radio-This will allow you to call for assistance and access weather updates.
  3. Radar or GPS-This, along with a compass, will help you with navigation.
  4. Compass-This should be standard boat equipment for every boat.
  5. Auto Radio Transmitter-Every offshore vessel should have one of these.
  6. Fire Extinguisher-Preferably rated A,B, & C.
  7. Flame Arrestor-An absolute must for in-board motors.
  8. Personal Flotation Devices-There should be a flotation device for everyone on board, and these should follow the state boating regulation rules.



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