Boat Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain my boating safety certification?

What should be included in a boating safety checklist?

What is a boating safety course?

What should be included in a list of boat safety equipment?

What does a boating safety course offer?

What are some boating safety tips?

What should I look for in a boat dealer?

Who is a leading boat manufacturer?

What is Club Malibu?

Why should I choose a boat with a diamond hull?

Why should I purchase a Malibu Boat?

What do Malibu boat builders focus on?

Who is a top manufacturer of performance boats?

What should I look for in a runabout boat?

What are some tips for how to drive a boat?

What does boat speed control mean?

What is a Boat of the Year award?

What is considered a luxury boat?

How do I find luxury boat rentals?

What should I know about luxury yacht rentals?

What are some features I should look for in a luxury houseboat?

What is a luxury power boat rental?

How often do I need to varnish my boat?

How do I prevent water damage to my boat?

How do I protect my boat over winter?

How do I keep my sport boat looking sleek?

What should I do before storing my boat for the winter?

What should I do with my boat batteries over the winter?

How do I know which boat to buy?

Is a larger boat harder to operate?

Can I obtain financing to pay for my boat?

Do boats have registration numbers like cars?

How can I protect my boat if I'm not with it?

How can I provide shade on my boat?

How do I alert other boaters of my boat's position?

How can I protect the captain's and seating consoles on my boat?

What does Illusion X refer to?

What are Indmar engines?

What is a v-drive?

Why should I buy a direct drive boat?

What should I know about Indmar Engines?

Am I required to report a boat accident?

Do I have to report an accident if no one else was involved?

If no one is hurt why do I have to report an accident?

How much time do I have to report a boating accident?

How do I prevent a boating accident

What if I accidentally buy a defective boat?

Are there laws regarding boat trailers and towing?

What is a catamaran sail boat?

What questions should I ask before renting a charter sailboat?

How do I learn to sail?

What should I know about buying sailboats?

What items should I include in a sailboats for sale checklist?

Where can I find out about a sailing boat vacation?

What are some basic saily boat parts?

How do I buy used sail boats?

What is the malibu silver series?

What features does the Response LXi have?

What features does the Ride Series offer?

What should I know about buying a ski boat?

What is a wakeboard boat?

What ski boat accessories will I need with my water ski boat?

What is a jet boat?

How do propellers work?

Can I change the propeller on my boat?

Is my boat engine similar to my car?

Why do boat parts cost more money than car parts?

Where can I find used boat parts?

How do I prevent my boat battery from failing?

Can an antique boat engine be made to work again?

How do I tow my boat safely?

How do I make sure my boat is secure before towing it?

How do I safely tow a boat

Can my car tow my boat?

Does my bow trailer need its own brakes?

How do I properly store a boat?

Does my boat need special storage during the off-season?

How can I boat safety at night?

What additional features are available on luxuring boats

Can I take my digital music on my boat?

What types of features are available for my wake-board?

What type of watersports boats are there

What is a wakeboarder boat?

Do watersports boats hurt the environment

Where do I find a custom boat?

What are some manufacturers that offer custom boats?

What exactly is a custom boat?

What are the benefits of owning a custom boat?

What are the potential implications of buying a custom boat

What make a good powerboat?

What is the difference between different powerboat engines?

What are some examples of a good powerboat design

What type of sailboats are there?, Is it easy to learn?

How do I learn to drive a boat?

I want to race boats, but how do I start?

How do I safely teach my child to operate my boat?

Where do you get boat parts?

What makes a ski boat or a wakeboard boat different from a regular speedboat?

Why do speed boats go so fast?

How do sailboats stay upright and not tip over under sail?

What are my options in places to get boat supplies and accessories?

How Do I maintain and fix my Boat?

What are the steps to Boat Ownership?

What laws apply to Boats?

What safety requirement are required while operating a boat?

What is Boat of the Year?

How do I get a luxury boat?

What make a good luxury power boat?

I've never been on a sailboat, how can I learn to sail?

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